Channing Tatum’s Pet Goat Died

If you haven’t been on the verge of tears yet today, it’s probably because you haven’t yet heard about the death of Channing Tatum’s pet goat, Heather. Okay, so having a pet goat is like pretty strange, but it doesn’t matter because it’s adorable. Channing Instagrammed a heartbreaking photo of his daughter Everly with Heather, which we’re still trying to recover from. No word yet on what the family’s next pet will be, but let’s hope it’s something equally as strange.

This world is already full of dogs, but perhaps a monkey? Whatever, just tell us when Magic Mike 3 comes out. RIP Heather, have fun in Betch heaven.



Girl and her goat. RIP Heather. You had a damn good long run sweets.

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