Channing Tatum Dressed Up as Elsa for Lip Sync Battle, Nothing is Sacred

The latest preview for the upcoming season of Spike’s Lip Sync Battle features Channing Tatum dressed up as Elsa from Frozen, and I’m really, really scarred. There are so many things wrong with this, so I’ll just highlight a few:


1. Let’s start by pointing out that this is the first Tuesday of the new year. I barely have the emotional bandwidth to get out of bed, let alone bear witness to a Disney-themed drag performance by a once semi-respectable hot person.

2. Speaking of the new year, it’s 2016. Frozen debuted in 2013, which makes this joke three years old. No offense, but it wasn’t that funny when frat guys dressed up as Elsa for Halloween two years ago, and it certainly isn’t funny when Channing Tatum is doing it now. Who even thought of this?

3. Probably not him because Channing is actually a funny comedic actor and he must’ve known this idea was a total piece of shit from the get-go. Was he peer pressured into doing this by his manager? Blackmailed by someone? Is he in imminent danger?

4. And to whatever monster made this happen: did the Magic Mike movies mean nothing to you? What the actual F? He should clearly be shirtless and showing off his legitimate dancing ability and not twirling around like an idiot in a tacky wig and dress. A Step Up revival would have even sufficed. There were just so many alternatives…

5, I’m really annoyed by the dancing snowflakes in the background. Like literally why.

6. I also feel a bit violated. Like Channing has clearly done this alone in his room at night a few times based on his level of comfort. I’m not one to judge but do we really need to put this on display for everyone to see? Can we let him have no dignity?

Apparently not, because let’s be real it’s Spike TV. All I’m left thinking from this whole situation is that nothing is sacred, and I pray for this to be the worst thing that happens to Channing Tatum in 2016. God bless. 


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