Chanel Had A Fashion Show In Cuba, Which Is Kind Of Fucked Up

Karl Lagerfeld just unveiled his latest Chanel resort 2017 collection at a fashion show this past week. A-list celebrities like Tilda Swinton, Anna Wintour, Gisele Bundchen, and Vin Deisel (lol why) were at the fabulous event. Lagerfeld did not disappoint and debuted some beautiful looks:

So what’s the problem? Oh nothing, other than the fact that it was in Cuba, a communist country that Americans only just started being allowed to travel to and definitely isn’t an appropriate venue for a luxurious fashion show. Yeah, I’m obsessed with fashion and I love love love Chanel, but this fashion show in Havana, Cuba was not a good idea. We can all agree that high fashion is definitely angled towards more of an elitist crowd who have the funds for such beautiful clothes, so why would Lagerfeld choose a backdrop that is incredibly poverty-striken like Havana? Cuba’s minimum wage is $25 a month…A MONTH. And it’s not like any Cubans would even be able to buy Chanel clothes if they wanted because the Chanel clothes aren’t available in Cuba.

So while we can’t deny that this was a fabulous collection, it seems like a slap in the face to Cuba. Maybe the show was meant to bring publicity to Cuba to make it more appealing for tourism? Or was this just a complete no-no? You can leave your opinions in the comments, but we probably won’t read them.


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