Be Trashy But In A Classy Way With Champagne Ice Cubes

Omg like have you ever wanted to drink alcohol with your alcohol because everything is terrible and like stop asking me about my job/boyfriend/wedding/life, MOM.

We feel you, and we understand. Thankfully, Champagne ice cubes are now a thing, and we tested them in a lot of drinks to figure out where these magical things work best.

First, to make a Champagne ice cube you get a fucking ice cube tray, fill it with Champagne, and fucking freeze it. Yay! Either fortunately or unfortunately, Champagne ice cubes neither count as a meal nor a drink, so here are some things to put them in:


What better way to up your brunch game then by making your regular mimosa, maybe adding some pineapple juice to fancy that shit up, and putting it over a delicious slew of Champagne ice cubes? The limit on these does not exist. YAY.

Black Velvet

Ever heard of it? Your closeted gay friend has. Fill a tall glass with a good stout beer, then fill the other half with Champagne ice cubes. It’s like, lumberjack meets GQ model, but in drink form.

Mint Julep

Yes, you can improve this southern classic with fucking Champagne. I mean, can’t everything be improved with Champagne? Anyway, make your classic mint julep (we gave you the recipe already), then instead of regular ice cubes, use fucking Champagne cubes. BLESS YOUR HEARTS, ALCOHOL LOVERS.

Apricot Vodka Fizz

Hard liquor is our bestie, so make this badboy feat. Champagne cubes. Combine a shot of vodka with a ¼ cup of apricot nectar, and a shot of not-frozen Champagne. Serve over Champagne ice cubes in a short glass.

If these drinks and the fact that Champagne freezes solid don’t make you happy IDFK what will—like, you’re hopeless.



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