Chad Started A Twitter Feud With Jojo And Jordan, Because Of Course He Did

Obviously JoJo Fletcher picked Jordan Rodgers (otherwise known as Aaron Rodgers’ less athletically inclined baby brother) on this season of The Bachelorette. Since the show’s finale Jordan and JoJo have been packing on the PDA to prove their love is real, though we’re still not convinced tbh. Their Instagrams are full of coupley photos with captions to match and everyone in the world is about ready to puke at how happy they are.

Ok sarcasm

Last week, probably feeling just as nauseated with Jordan and JoJo news as I am but probably also more bitter (maybe), Chad decided that he had something to say and let the whole world know via Twitter.

According to BuzzFeed, Chad Johnson tweeted a link to an article announcing that Jordan and JoJo had broken up and were using their engagement as “a business deal”. His tweet said that he “called it from day 1!” and passively aggressively asked “Sup now bruh??”

How could he have called that from day one? Wasn’t he on the show on day one? Also, as far as Chad insults go, this is pretty fucking tame. This is the man who once said “I will purchase your family and make them my family.” We expected more from you, Chad. You’re better than this.

Well, The Chadelor didn’t just tweet this, but he also tagged both Jordan and JoJo in the post so they’d both see it. He’s literally every petty high school girl after being cheated on. JoJo responded by retweeting him and trying to go the inspirational route, telling him to stop “filling the world with [his] garbage. #boybye” Jordan went at Chad more directly, tweeting “not surprised you’re still trying desperately to be relevant…more surprised you could actually read it #spellingbee” Sick burn bro.


Honestly, as much as Chad is definitely 100% correct, Jordan and JoJo should’ve just played it cool. There’s no need to react to someone who’s this hostile all the fucking time. It’s exactly what he wants. So let’s all learn this lesson: next time someone’s pissing you off, the last thing you should do is confront them on social media. Just continue being better than them. #BoyBye


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