Chad Michael Murray Casually In A Horrible Movie That No One Likes

Chad Michael Murray, where oh where did you go wrong? Actually, where the hell did you go after One Tree Hill? Chad/Lucas Scott was every betches dream bro back in the days of OTH when we all wished we were Brooke Davis (not Peyton Sawyer because home-girl was pathetic). Then he disappeared from our lives and he was all but forgotten until he was one of the stars in a blockbuster film released this weekend. Alongside Nicolas Cage…about Judgement day…called Left Behind…so of course we’re not going to watch it. The critics tore this film apart and for once I think I actually agree with them.

Actually, I had no idea he was in this attempt at a movie until I accidently watched the trailer because the only actor anyone mentions regarding this movie is Nicolas Cage. This makes no sense to be because Nic is one of the most horrifying things to ever grace the big screen. Then again, while Lucas might be a pretty face, he isn’t exactly a well of acting talent. 

Maybe if they had more One Tree Hill casts members and replaced Nic Cage with Brad Pitt I might consider watching it. But that’s not going to happen and Lucas stopped being attractive the second he became a high school basketball coach, so we will let this film die down into irrelevance much like this bro's career. 

Throwback Monday to this amazing performance in A Cinderella Story. Which one got worse reviews?




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