Cell Phones Might Be The New Male Birth Control, Study Finds

You can stop taking your birth control if your boyfriend carries his cell phone in his pants pockets, because he’s probs infertile by now—at least, that’s what a new study is basically saying. Scientists at a medical school in Israel did a study of 100 men attending a fertility clinic, looking at both guys who are addicted to their phones and guys who don’t use their phones that often (think a JP Morgan intern vs. that guy from your high school who has no friends). Not-really-that-surprisingly, the study found that the more times a day the men spent using or holding their phones, the bigger their chances were for reduced sperm levels

The reason is disgusting, but valid: Men who kept their phones in their pockets are basically “cooking their sperm,” which could also be the name of the grossest Master Chef challenge ever. Apparently, the electromagnetic activity lowers sperm counts and might make it harder for men to impregnate women. Bonus: dudes who slept with their phone nearby, like on their nightstand, also had lower sperm counts than dudes who didn’t sleep with their phone within arm’s reach. In other words, iPhones have become the fuckboi condom, joining the ranks of Mountain Dew and briefs. Yay?


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