Celebs Who Looked Dumb AF At The Kentucky Derby

So the annual event where everyone comes together to put on a stupid hat and embarrass themselves with seven too many mint juleps—AKA The Kentucky Derby— happened over the weekend. Though it was mostly D-list celebs who made an appearance (be real, would Victoria Beckham be caught dead at anything that has “Kentucky” in the title?), these losers still brought it—in a “WTF am I even doing here?!” kind of way. Ahead, the madness.

Joey Fatone

Poor Joey Fatone.

Kate Upton

WOW somebody loves her new ring.

Kate Upton Throwing Shade at Joey Fatone’s Probs Drunk Friend

Kate Upton’s like “uhmm how do I GTFO of this situation because clearly no-one’s picking up on my body language clues?”. Where’s Verlander?!

Oprah’s Girlfriend & Donald Trump’s Nemesis


Emeril Lagasse

This picture of Emeril and his sad gang of friends really bums me out.

Romy (Real Name IDK)

Where TF is Michele? Get it together, Lisa Kudrow. Why are you always such a nasty bitch?

Some Of The Cast Of Vanderpump Rules

How many lines of coke and crushed-up Adderall do we think Jax did on sweet Brittany’s tits hat before this pic was snapped?

Hot Guy From Arrow & Former America’s Next Top Model Contestant

The hot guy from arrow looks super hot. TG his wife’s hair grew back.

Lastly, The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

The hosts, Tara and Johnny. They run this fucking shit show. YAY SPORTS.


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