Which Celebs Were Obnoxious At Coachella This Weekend?

This weekend was Weekend 1 of Coachella, and thousands of people flocked to the California desert to show the whole world how cool they are. In recent years, Coachella has also become a playground for ~*trendy*~ celebrities, and this year was no different.

Mortal enemies Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were both there, but definitely not sharing the same blunt. Taylor is still sporting her bleached look from the Vogue cover, which is not that bad but somehow also terrible.

Katy chose to go with two pink buns on top of her head which is…not that surprising. She also wore a jumpsuit with a cloud print, which shows an average level of try-hardness for Katy.

The other biggest news was that Rihanna and Leo DiCaprio were spotted hanging out together. The two have famously hooked up in the past, so maybe this is happening again? Drake must be heartbroken. These two will always keep us guessing, so really who knows if they’re a thing.

Kendall and Kylie were both there, obvi. Kylie had rainbow pigtail braids and a Chanel phone holder and exhibited her usual level of thirst trap-ness, so that’s really all we have to say about that.

Kendall was also there, but there was nothing offensive about her outfit. Fellow model Bella Hadid was there in a matching denim outfit with The Weeknd, so it looks like they’re doing well.

Real Housewife Kyle Richards made an appearance, with her boobs hanging out and sporting a cute sunburn. We love Kyle, but she was probably about twenty years older than the average Coachella attendee.

Some other fun middle-aged Coachella-goers included professional hot mess Courtney Love, Mel B of the Spice Girls who also looked like a hot mess, and denim expert Lenny Kravitz.

Thank God there’s only one more weekend of this shit.


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