Celebs Are Just Like Us: Slicked-Back Hair ‘Cause It’s Greasy

We get it. You don’t have enough time to wash your hair after excessively sweating through a soul cycle class. Don’t worry about it, because you can slick back your hair and pretend you really do have it all for cocktail hour. No one will know you have a ratty, greasy mess on top of your head. We’ve noticed that more and more celebs are doing the slicked back hair look, so we’re going to follow along.

Here are some pics for inspiration. 

Gigi pre- and post- haircut

Cause all of us can look more like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!

More supermodels…

Yas Zendaya! We don’t care what kind of oil we use as long as our hair looks as fab as yours!

Oh Lorde that’s some greasy hair

Rita O-hell no

Megan Fox

Wait, does this hairstyle actually look super disgusting and horrible? Shit. Maybe bring some dry shampoo with you, you guys. 


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