A Compilation of the Best Celebrity Christmas Pics of 2015

The Christmas holiday is officially over. And while you might be hating yourself for all of the cookies and booze you’ve consumed over the last 5 days, there are other matters to attend to. Like seeing what all of the fabulous people you idolize did while you were sipping egg nog with your grandma.

Kate Hudson wins – she posed for this hilarious holiday pic with ex-hubby Matthew Bellamy.

Kris and Kylie snuggled up together in their very shimmery, very Michael Jackson-y Christmas attire.

Teen Mom OG Farrah, daughter Sophia, and crazy momma Debra posed with Steam Punk Santa this holiday season.

JT tastefully posted this Christmas pic with his newborn son, Silas, because they are both perfect and adorable human beings.

Nick (AKA Dead Gay Boone) and Joe Jonas awkwardly hugged a tree and destroyed their ancient-looking tree skirt at the same time.

Taylor Swift was her usual derpy self in some elfish pajama set. Like can you not?

And finally, Steve Harvey clearly moved on. He gave no fucks as he smoked a stogie in this luxurious backyard.


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