Celebrities Reading Hotline Bling Lyrics Is Your New Lullaby

So by now we’ve all calmed down about Hotline Bling, mostly because social media isn’t filled with Drake memes anymore. Well, the good people at W Magazine had celebrities read the lyrics. The video is about three weeks late, but like your period after a pregnancy scare, still phenomenal.

Elizabeth Banks, Bryan Cranston, Seth Rogen, Rooney Mara, and Kristen Wigg obvi deliver their lines like the national treasures they are. There’s a bunch of other randos who for some reason thought this was an American Idol audition and sang the lyrics. Tbh it got a little pitchy dog. But Former Betch of the Week Amy “Plan B is my Plan A” Schumer fucking killed it. The perfect amount of Sunday brunch judgement just really took the anthem to a whole new level. 


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