CDC Recommends Every Woman Who Gets Her Period Stop Drinking Alcohol

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention announced that women of childbearing age should avoid alcohol, unless they’re using contraception. The announcement is tied to an effort to reduce the number of babies who are born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

…this is a fucking joke, right?

I mean, obviously fetal alcohol syndrome is horrible. If you know you’re pregnant, get off the juice. Duh.

But some of us aren’t fucking stupid when it comes to sex and know how to NOT GET PREGNANT. There are things called condoms. But that’s not good enough for the CDC. They want every woman of child-bearing age to be on birth control (and maybe get fat).

And for those who are trying to get pregnant, the CDC recommends zero alcohol at all. Ever. So on top of the nine months spent sober and pregnant, the CDC wants to extend that period of time and make life miserable.

No betch is saying that fetal alcohol syndrome is acceptable. But no betch is saying a life of sobriety is acceptable. Get out of my vagina, CDC.


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