Cat Wine Exists, And It’s As Pathetic As It Sounds

Congrats, weirdo! You never have to drink alone again thanks to the company making a wine specifically for cats.

A Denver company makes the non-alcoholic wine specifically for cats because they’re smart and know how to cash in on people being super pathetic.

Apollo Peak makes their Pinot Meow with beets, not grapes, so if you get really weird and want to share a glass with your creepy cat, you can, but it will probably be super gross. They also make an all natural Moscato. See what they did there? MosCATo. Classic cat pun.

If you’re not a total freak and have a dog instead of a cat, the company says, since it’s all natural, pretty much any pet or human could drink it without dying. Great.

Betch, if you want to get day drunk alone in your apartment, just own up to it. Don’t go buy an $11 bottle of wine for your cat so you feel less pathetic. That whole situation is somehow more pathetic and your cat is now probably drinking a wine that’s more expensive than the one in your glass. 


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