Casey Neistat’s Snow Day was Better Than Yours

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Casey Neistat, he’s basically the coolest guy on the Internet. He got famous from his video “i-Pod’s Dirty Secret” in 2003, and his filmmaking career has blown up ever since. When he’s not busy travelling the world, brunching with Karlie Kloss, working on his social media app called Beme, and riding through the streets of NYC on an electric skateboard, Casey makes badass YouTube videos every single day. Casey and his super betchy wife, Candice Pool were recently featured in the New York Observer as the “power couple you want at your next dinner party” and we’re all in.

This Sunday, as NYC recovered from the colossal hangover that was the aftermath of winter storm Jonas, Casey Neistat’s most recent video flooded iPhone screens everywhere. While we spent our snow day watching Kardashian reruns and finishing off our red wine supply, Casey Neistat spent his day snowboarding through the snowy streets of NYC. Despite the closed roads all over the city and travel ban alerts all over the news, Casey rode through the city like it was his own personal slip’n’slide. Even the police couldn’t put a stop to it. If you’re not familiar with Casey’s vlogs, they’re worth checking out.



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