The Fugly Mathlete From Mean Girls Is Much Less Fugly Now

The name Caroline Krafft might not ring a bell, but you’ll definitely recognize her. She’s the shambly girl mathlete in Mean Girls, who was basically our worst nightmare because she was ugly and good at math. Specifically, you might remember Caroline for having “99-cent lipgloss on her snaggletooth.” Ah, simpler times.

Caroline Kraft

Well, 12 years have passed since that fateful math competition at Marymount Prep, and the years have been pretty kind to Clare Preuss, who played Caroline. She’s not, like, a Hadid sister or anything, but she’s really come a long way. She’s obviously a nicegirl, but she’s embraced that aesthetic and made it work for her. Her photos on social media are full of lots of scarves, selfies in the snow, and our favorite little snaggletooth is still making appearances.

Caroline seems cute, but probably has no chill and brings her refillable mug to Starbucks so she doesn’t hurt the environment by wasting a cup. We definitely wouldn’t be friends in real life, but she would probably be a tolerable work friend to bitch to in the office. Your life would always be more interesting than hers, so she would be an ideal audience. Keep working, Caroline Kraft, and someday you might be a real betch.

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