Can Lesbians Be Betches? Dear Betch…

Dear Betch,

I myself am definitely not a betch, nor do I claim to be. I basically read this website religiously because I love betches and you guys are hilarious as fuck. However, I do believe my girlfriend is one of you. She’s rich, hot, stylish, does and gets whatever the fuck she wants and loves talking shit.

In true betch form, she even has a small army of guys lined up wanting to date her pretty much at all times. Just one small problem. She’s dating me, a girl. (But like, I’m not a regular lesbian, I’m a cool lesbian.) So here’s the question: is there room in the bestie circle for a token lesbian betch? Is it possible to be a betch AND lesbian, or is fucking and not fucking bros too critical to betchdom?


A lesbian “pro” if there even were such a thing

Dear Lesbian Pro,

You ask a question I’ve seen a few times before actually and the answer is yes, you can definitely be a lesbian betch. Being a betch has nothing to do with your sexual orientation. Hook up with guys, girls, trannies, your dog (if it’s consenting); a true betch doesn’t give a shit. More SABs for the rest of of us.

Being a betch is a state of mind with a proclivity towards a certain kind of lifestyle so anyone who can keep it real while looking chic and hot certainly qualifies. I mean by their very definition lesbians are masters at #8 not having sex with bros so they’re already #32 winning by default. As long as your girlfriend isn’t Paige from Pretty Little Liars, we shouldn’t have a problem. 

Lesbehonest, a large chunk of our betches of the week have, at least experimented with same sex relationships. 

You do you (or whoever the fuck you want),

The Betches


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