Can Gay Guys Be Betches? Dear Betch…

Hey Betches,

I’m a gay guy and I was reading your book (which I think is Bible) and I noticed a part that mentioned a gay BFF. I was wondering if gay guys can be Betches too? I mean I have perfect fashion sense and can befriend girls better than 99% of the male population. That means I can easily manipulate the world around me and end up on top. So how important am I to all the other Betches out there?


The Betch GBFF

Dear My New BFF,

Absolutely! Gay guys can obv be betches and often times are the most betchy of us all. I’m not going to sit here and suck your dick (metaphorically speaking) and go on about how our GBFFs are a crucial part of the betchy ecosystem and without them we’d be lost forever and still think it was acceptable to wear high-waisted shorts and crop tops, but you get the point. For more info on why we love our GBFFs I suggest checking out #52 on the betch list. Like, do you even go here?

Let’s get brunch this weekend,

The Betches

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