Calvin Harris Dragged Taylor Swift On Twitter, Fucking Finally

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past six weeks—it could happen, it’s summer internship season—Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift had a messy breakup. She moved on in about .5 seconds, and he’s pretty bitter. But things got super intense yesterday when Taylor announced she wrote “This is What You Came For,” the song Calvin made with Rihanna that’s been on every summer pregame playlist.

Apparently, Taylor wrote the song and shared it with Calvin. Then they decided to record it, but didn’t want to release a collab as a couple. Calvin Harris and “Nils Sjoberg” were credited with writing the song. Well it turns out that Nils Sjoberg is Taylor Swift. If you ever needed more proof that this girl is absolutely psychotic, there it is.

Calvin is still reeling from the emotional distress that is being a Taylor Swift ex-bf, so he launched a full-on Twitter temper tantrum. He first complimented Taylor on her singing and writing abilities, because even if you hate her as a person, you have to acknowledge that her songs are phenomenal. But then he said that Taylor was the one who wanted to keep her role in it a secret. This would be the second time in 2016 that Taylor was a two-faced skank about a song being released—first Kanye and now Calvin.

He threw in a couple jabs at Taylor and her new relationship to pretend that he’s being the bigger person.

I respect the effort, but at this point Calvin needs to grow a backbone and destroy this bitch. The weirdest part of the whole situation is the rando involvement of Katy Perry. Katy responded with an incredible Hillary Clinton gif, and then a retweet of one of her old tweets that said “Time, the ultimate truth teller,” so I’m taking that as confirmation that she predicted this whole disaster a year ago.

Can someone please start a Kickstarter campaign to have Calvin, Katy, Kim K, and Kanye team up to annihilate Taylor? 


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