Calvin Harris Has A Shady AF Theory About Taylor And Tom’s Relationship

So everyone and their mother is in an uproar about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Besides the fact that she and Calvin Harris broke up about a second ago, the new couple’s PDA is absolutely nauseating—and I watched the 1989 World Tour Documentary, so that’s saying something. Well, Calvin Harris has the most incredible conspiracy theory about this made-for-Instagram relationship.

Tom Hiddleston has been cast as the new James Bond. Much like a father at his daughter’s wedding, Daniel Craig is absolutely thrilled to be retiring from the exhausting role. Anyway, Taylor really wants to be a Bond girl, so naturally the relationship is her way into the movies. Considering that Taylor uses her breakups to make millions, it is not all that surprising that she might also use her relationships to make millions.

If this is true (probably not), homegirl is basically prostituting herself leading Tom on (unless he’s in on it, too??) so she can guilt him into making sure she gets cast in the movie. I’m not sure if that’s pro-level leaning in or super fucked up. Maybe the “Bad Blood” music video was her audition tape.


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