Calvin Harris Finally Clapped Back With A Taylor Swift Diss Track

It really is a good day. Celebrity punching bag Taylor Swift has had a rough couple months in the reputation department, and Calvin Harris is doing his part to crush her nicegirl facade. Calvin just released his new single “My Way”, which is great because now we have a catchy anthem to blast as we talk about how much Taylor sucks.

We don’t *technically* know if the song is about Taylor, but like, use your fucking brain. Calvin starts off the track with the words “at least I did it my way,” which we imagine means that dating Taylor was cool for a while but she probably wanted him to like worship her and he just wasn’t about that. Then the song says “you were the one thing in my way” about a hundred times, which we don’t really feel like we should have to explain. Other than that, it’s pretty much your typical Calvin Harris song, which means it’s more than acceptable for your next pregame playlist.

No one has ever accused Calvin Harris of being a lyrical genius, but the song is a damn banger and it’s even better knowing it’s (probably) about Taylor Swift needing to suck a fat one. If there’s any justice in the world, the song will go number one in every single country and be the biggest hit of all time, just so Taylor can really understand that we’re done with her bullshit. Is that harsh? Oh wait, we don’t care.


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