Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik Are In A Twitter Fight Over Taylor Swift

Everybody knows not to engage with internet trolls on social media, but Calvin Harris seemed to miss the memo.  Although, in this case, the troll was Zayn Malik and he wasn’t trolling Calvin, but his girlfriend Taylor Swift.

A meme went around the internet comparing a quote from hippie queen Miley Cyrus and T-Swift.  Miley declared she was releasing her album for free because she had enough money, and T-Swift’s quote was about pulling her music from Spotify.  Zayn retweeted this and Calvin Harris jumped to his lady’s defense with this tweet:

“You've made your money? Cool…fuck the 99% of musicians who depend on these services to survive right? Yeah fuck em”

You’d think Calvin Harris would be a little more mature than to engage over the internet (didn’t he learn from the Nikki and Taylor VMA Gate?) about important issues, but maybe members of One Direction just ignite a jealous rage in his heart or something, because he went on and cussed Zayn out saying “…stay out of my fuckin mentions pls.”



Classy, bro, very classy. Looks like hanging out with forever teen Taylor Swift has been rubbing off on him. Nobody looks good when they’re angry over Twitter. Meanwhile Taylor is probably writing a song about this, so at least it’ll be good for her album sales.




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