Caitlyn Jenner’s MAC Makeup Line Vs. Kylie Cosmetics: A Literal Face Off

On January 5, Caitlyn Jenner and MAC came out with a 15-piece line that’s “beautifully suited for those who embrace life, in whatever form they choose.” Which is code for “let me fuck my daughter over” since this puts Cait in competition with Kylie in an already competitive makeup industry.

For no reason other than it seems sick/fun to add fuel to this probably-in-my-head rivalry, I felt like it was necessary to compare the lines…

Let’s start with the big guns: Lips.

Lips: Caitlyn

Caitlyn has three lipstick shades to choose from—a beige, a bright orange-red, and a deep red. There’s a speckled gold lip gloss (ew, pass), two pink-beige lip glosses, and two pink-brown lip liners, including the famous “Whirl.” So these are either pre-existing products with new packaging, or nothing that even looks remotely new in terms of color. Groundbreaking.

Lips: Kylie

Matte lip kits: There are a whopping 23 diff ones to choose from, and each comes with a liquid lip stick and lip liner.

Matte individuals: Like a million options, if you aren’t into the kits and just want singles.

Glosses: Kylie has seven shades of lip gloss to choose from and honestly as far as lip glosses go, they’re pretty good. Not sticky and not plastic tasting.

Metals: Right now, Kylie has three metal shades. The problem with these is that no one can pull them off. For what event/activity would you don a metallic lip color? Who TF knows.

Price points

Cait’s lipstick is $17 and the lip liner is $17.50, but you can get both a liquid lipstick and lip pencil for $29 with Kylie.

Overall, Kylie has more shades to choose from, and she’s built a fucking empire doing this. Even though MAC lipsticks are reliable, Kylie wins this round by far.

Eyes: Caitlyn


Cait has three eyeshadows which actually all look pretty dope and definitely on trend right now. There’s a deep plum, a bronze, and a metallic gold. She also has the well-known bronze liner, Teddy, and some lashes available.

Eyes: Kylie

Kylie offers two different palettes. They each contain nine different shades. They’re a medium buildable coverage, so there’s definitely a learning curve, but they also appear to be smooth and blendable. Cait’s shades are more pigmented, since MAC’s known for their pigmentation.

Kylie also sells a bunch of gel liners aka Kyliners, and cream shadows, both of which Cait’s line does not offer.

Prince points

With Kylie’s line you get more for your $$. Each shadow costs approx. $4.50. Cait’s individual shadows are $16. But, Kylie’s cream shadows are $20. Kylie’s eyeliner kits will also cost you $26, where Cait’s eyeliner is $17.

Tough call, but I’d say this round goes to Kylie again based on options and pricing.

Face: Caitlyn

Kylie doesn’t have face makeup yet, so Caitlyn wins this round even though Caitlyn’s line only offers a mediocre-looking bronzer and dual blush.

Overall Winner

Kylie. She’s been doing this shit longer and she has an insane social media presence that leads to direct sales. People are obsessed with her and will literally buy anything she puts out. Which is probs why she made Forbes’ list of “30 under 30” this year. Sorry Caitlyn, maybe you should try selling socks with Rob. 


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