You’ll Never Guess Who Caitlyn Jenner Was Sitting Next To at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

So a lot was going on during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I was pretty busy looking at SoulCycle class schedules, scrolling through my Tinder matches, and drinking two bottles of wine. Officially adding multitasking to my LinkedIn. But I missed the most important thing of the whole show, and no it wasn’t Selena Gomez slapping Gigi Hadid’s ass.

Matt Czuchry aka the actor who played Logan Huntzberger sat next to Caitlyn Jenner. I’ll give that a minute to soak in. The the President of the Lucky Sperm Club, the “I don’t do girlfriends” fuck boi, the true love of Rory Gilmore’s otherwise pathetic life sat front row with Kendall Jenner’s dad. The apocalypse must be any day now. 


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