A Caitlyn Jenner MAC Collab Is Happening

We reported last week that Caitlyn Jenner was launching a beauty line, and now it’s been announced that the woman halfway responsible for Kylie Jenner has joined forces with MAC for a new lip shade. Damn, those Jenners don’t waste any time. They want to monopolize any and everything that has to do with our mouths, and they will not stop until their names are on everybody’s lips, in both the literal and figurative senses.

It’s chill though, because at least Caitlyn knows how to leverage her brand for altruistic purposes. Unlike, IDK, any of her other family members. Proceeds from this lipstick (a rose shade called Finally Free) will be donated to the AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative. Here’s what it looks like: 

Underwhelming, but nice?

Seems as if the Jenner clan might not be so soulless after all. Or they just have a really good PR team. Who knows. 


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