Who Wore It Better? Caitlyn Jenner vs. Kate Middleton

If you haven’t committed Kate Middleton’s blue Issa wrap dress to memory, then you probably aren’t interested in marrying well and definitely don’t have a Pinterest. Kate wore The Dress to the press conference where she and Prince William announced their engagement. It was the birth of a style icon and the death of the world’s most eligible bachelor. It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times.

Caitlyn Jenner wore basically the same dress to dinner in LA, which is pretty much the absolute opposite of the event Kate wore it to. Announcing your status as the future Queen of England is a little bit better than a weeknight dinner at Nobu, but whatever. Caitlyn’s dress is darker and cinches more at the waist, but it’s similar enough to start a dress war at Prom.

The real difference in their outfits is the accessories. Kate is wearing her dead mother-in-law’s white gold and sapphire engagement ring and the smug grin of a betch who has just set herself up for life. Caitlyn is wearing enough bronzer for an entire sorority’s spring semester. This once again confirms that Kate Middleton is the Queen of Fucking Everything. 


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