Caitlyn Jenner Is Happy To Be A Woman Because… Face Masks

In case you missed it, the 27th annual GLAAD Media Awards took place over the weekend and Caitlyn Jenner obviously stole the spotlight. But while everyone raved about her bomb speech and sparkly Donna Karan gown, Caitlyn took time before the show to share the real reason she has struggled and fought to become a woman: face masks.

Caitlyn Instagrammed a pic of herself in her dressing room, covered in a green face mask with the caption, “The joys of being a woman. Sooo worth it.” Like, wow Cait. After dodging daily hate texts from Khloé and avoiding potential Kris lawsuits every ten minutes, you’re showing your appreciation for some natural exfoliant? I was more inspired by Fifth Harmony’s last music video.


The joys of being a woman! sooo worth it. #glaadawards #saturdaymorningfun

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For someone who wants to be a role model for the trans community, Caitlyn seems to spend a little too much time talking about hair and makeup prep and not enough time talking about like, anything else. We understand getting ready is eighty percent of the experience, but your priorities seem a bit hazy. I guess having too many I am Cait episodes on replay can cause some pretty intense stress. Good thing you have those face masks, Cait. 


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