A Few Times Caitlyn Jenner Wore Very Fugly Outfits

In honor of Kris Jenner calling Caitlyn the worst dressed on Fashion Police this week, we decided to take a deeper look into Caitlyn’s wardrobe. Here are the best and worst looks from Caitlyn Jenner.

Caitlyn, you look absolutely gorgeous. Prettier than I ever will be. We are peasants bowing down to you, queen. 

Okay, that’s enough of the good. Here comes the bad.

That Cheetah Girls wrap dress is NOT cute. Here are some words that make my heart stop: pointy-toed. Patent. Kitten heel. Sling-backs.

Are those suede bellbottoms from Chicos? This look is far too geriatric. Come on, Caitlyn.

What’s more tragic? The print of this dress or that she’s got more than one pair of hideous kitten heels?


It looks like Caitlyn wrapped a black plastic dog fence around her waist. This high-low dress is not cute. The gold chain and gladiator heels are not doing anything good for this outfit, either.

Who wore it better?



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