You Can Literally Get High Off Chocolate

Any health freak at your local juice bar can tell you the benefits of cacao faster than T Swift can fake a cry mid-concert. In case you have no vegan friends or don’t give a shit about trendy super foods, cacao is basically healthy chocolate. Betches can be found enjoying cacao nibs sprinkled on non-dairy froyo or mixed into almond butter smoothies, but apparently this shit is actually getting people high. Like, why did no one tell us sooner?

In a recent article on Ozy, the site talks about how Europeans are actually snorting cacao instead of legit drugs. People first found out about it in Berlin and now the trend is starting to spread across Europe.

We always knew cacao was filled with iron and magnesium which are great for energy, but is it worth asking your dealer if he has cacao powder in stock?

In a recent study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (okay, now we believe this is legit), cacao was found to contain flavanols that stimulate brain power, and tryptophan which creates serotonin—making you super chill and happy AF. Wait, but isn’t tryptophan also what makes you sleepy after Thanksgiving? We’re suddenly very confused.

Regardless, people all around Europe are railing cacao powder in nightclubs, and we’re wondering if the trend will actually make it to America. Ugh, everything’s better abroad anyway.



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