Bye Felicia! Betchy Linguistics

“Bye Felicia” is a saying that originated from the movie Friday. The movie was made in 1995, and was decently funny but then followed by two piece of shit sequels. It featured Chris Tucker and Ice Cube, who are like semi relevant today. People must've rediscovered the movie or something because this saying is everywhere now, meme and all. “Bye Felicia” is used as a dismissal for someone you DGAF about. It can be used in multiple instances, and basically disses the person swiftly. Instead of “bye Jason you can go shave your back now” it can now simply be “bye Felicia.” Straight to the point. When you say this to someone it is because you don't even care enough about them to know or remember their name, and you don't care what they're saying. Examples of when to use this:

1. Someone is hitting on you and you literally have no interest in them, nor any desire to come up with some excuse or explanation as to why you want them to go the fuck away

2. Your friend is being super annoying and trying to argue with you about something and you want to end the conversation ASAP.

3. The person you're hooking up with does something shitty.

4. Your professor holds an optional review session after class.

5. The guy you're on a first date with asks you to split the bill.



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