Bumble Has Officially Outsmarted Shady Bros, Hooray For Feminism

Bumble just got another page in our good books because of a new update in their app. In case guys were getting too cocky about women messaging them first, they can no longer hold their power over our heads because if they don’t reply within 24 hours, they’ll lose the match.

Basically the Bumble founders realized that just because women had the chance to message first doesn’t mean assholes won’t be assholes. But once again Bumble proves that women are better because they’ve outsmarted the bros.

Now the app works like this: If a bro matches with a girl on Bumble and she messages him, he has to reply within 24 hours. Other apps have done similar things, like Coffee Meets Bagel letting matches expire after a certain amount of time of talking to each other, to encourage people to actually meet up in person. The difference for Bumble is that it still requires women to message first.

We like this change because it means less bullshit and better matches. Happy swiping.


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