Bumble Totally Destroyed A Sexist Fuckboy, Yas Queen

Here’s another reason to like Bumble: The app banned a dude because he was being a fuckboy in his messages. The app, as we already know, is basically feminist Tinder, and we’re okay with that.

Apparently one user matched with a guy named Connor and asked him “what do you do?” which triggered him to launch into a woman hating tirade of insults, as one does.

Lol okay Connor. In response to #1, yeah, but if you did I bet Ashley would’ve been way more chill about it.  Whoa, seriously, you have zero chill at all. BUT IT GETS BETTER.

LOL WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT. The best reply was probably the one where he mentions he makes $300,000 and has a Notre Dame degree. She didn’t ask you how much you made, she asked you what you did. You brought up your salary on your own, dawg.

Anyways, after Ashley reported this guy for being a fuckboy, Bumble didn’t just warn him, they banned him. It’s like they’re a big sister looking out for us. Bumble wrote Connor after banning him: “We are going to continue to build a world that makes small-minded, misogynist boys like you feel outdated.” 

I wonder if Connor knew he was on a dating app. Maybe he thought he was texting with his mom and was just fed up with explaining what he does all day (harass women on dating apps).

It’s nice to know the apps are looking out for betches. Keep hating, we’ll keep swiping. Bye Connor.


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