Bucket Bags Are Back In

The verdict is in, the it bag of the year is the bucket bag. While a lot of people say that it is the prime example of a “happy medium,” structured but not too structured, boho yet uptown, casual yet dressy, I think it is sort of a love hate situation. I know so many people who can just throw one of these bad boys on and go and others who totally hate the things.

I have always been against any non-branded bag, but I do like the Mansur Gavriel OG bucket. Now I now what you’re saying, that’s a brand isn’t it? Well, what I mean is, I typically like my bags to say 2.55 not “bucket.” Get what I mean? I feel like the whole allure of the bucket bag is that it is something and yet nothing. Fuck, that sounded a little too philosophical for a Monday afternoon. My apologies: pros of the bucket bag—you can usually fit a small bottle of vodka in there as well as spin shoes, cons—looks like a bucket.


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