Get Fucked Up Off Edible Boozy Bubbles Like The Drunk Toddler You Are

There’s a lot of pressure these days on party betches to drink in a cool way. Don’t get me wrong, getting drunk is always great. It’s not like I’m going to turn down a drink because it’s in a lame-ass cup. It’s gonna do the same shit. It’s just not exactly Instagram-worthy. I mean, a post of you with a bright orange Champagne flute captioned “Mimosas made me do it” is kinda embarrassing at this point. Does anyone still do that?

First, Chambongs took over the bachelorette party circuit. Then a couple weeks ago, rosé gummy bears literally broke the internet. And now, we have boozy bubbles. And no. I don’t mean a vodka soda or prosecco. I’m talking real bubbles that you used blow in the air on the playground, only now they’re better because they involve alcohol, and my inner toddler is freaking the fuck out.

The incredible drinking invention is called BubbleLick, and it’s pretty much like the standard soapy mix, but it’s edible and not soapy so you can put your fave cocktail in it and make, you guessed it, bubbles. Margaritas, mojitos, straight vodka? Anything you want. Well, not thick shit like White Russians, but you need to stop drinking those anyway. It is pool season, for God’s sake.

Obv there’s no shortage of alcohol to choose from when it comes to blowing boozy bubbles (that was a sentence I never thought I’d ever write), but these are our 3 personal recs if you’re going to try this out.

1. Rosé

Rosé, so hot right now. Everyone loves rosé, and if you don’t you’d better keep that shit to your fucking self. Aside from being v. trendy, the pink bubbles will look super cute on your Insta. We imagine.

2. Vodka soda

It’s the betchiest drink out there so obvs it must be attempted. Soda bubbles inside of a real bubble—it’s a bubble-ception. Might work, might be a disaster, too early to tell.

3. Tequila

Maybe eating your tequila instead of doing pulls from the bottle will make you less likely to take your clothes off. Probably not, but it’s worth a try.

My only concern is can you really drunk off this? I highly doubt there’s a high alcohol content in each bubble, and people might think you’re fucking insane if you eat bubbles nonstop for like an hour. But, whatever. I’m getting it anyway. That shit will get at least 70 likes.


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