Drinking On Sunday Morning Is Officially Legal In NYC, So Just Keep Doing What You’re Doing

Is there anything that cures a Sunday morning hangover better than brunch? There’s eggs Benedict and French toast and coffee and mimosas. Gah, I’m getting excited about Sunday just thinking about it. But up until recently, it was illegal, like an actual crime, to serve alcohol in NYC on Sundays before noon. Excuse me, can you tell me when the Mayflower is set to arrive? Because this is the most archaic bullshit law I’ve ever heard in my life. How tf am I supposed to enjoy Sunday Brunch-day without a bloody in the off chance I wake up before 12pm? Well don’t fret, New York betches, because there’s a new Brunch Bill so you can legally booze it up Sunday morning. Thanks, Cuomo!

you the real MVP

Restaurants and bars can now legally serve alcohol starting at 10am on Sundays, which is fine because my ass isn’t waking up and gracing the world with my presence before then anyway. But in the rare chance shit gets popping before that, places can apply for “special occasion” permits 12 times a year so they can start pouring drinks at 8am. Lol, well that seems mildly unnecessary, but who am I to judge? Party hard, Manhattan. I know I’ll be celebrating with you this Sunday.

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