David Beckham’s Hot Son Is Single Again

So if you haven’t been caught up in the teenage romance of Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham, you’re wasting wi-fi. He’s the genetically #blessed son of Victoria and David Beckham and became a professional photographer (no, not like when you take photos of your dog) before he graduated from high school. She’s a child star trying to become a celebrity by fucking with the Kardashians. They’re the Romeo and Juliet couple of the Instagram era. But now they broke up. Oh well.

We suffered through years of the “are they or aren’t they” questions, to be rewarded with their Insta official status earlier this year. It was like watching your friend’s younger brother’s first relationship, if your friend’s younger brother was a god among teenage boys. But tbh, their Instas were absolute fire. Whether the photos were from the red carpet, in a hotel room, or fishing, I stalked them purely for the pics.

Obvi I don’t know what caused the breakup, but it’s pretty safe to guess it’s because they’re teenagers in a long distance relationship. Plus, Brooklyn can do wayyyyy better. May I suggest Kiernan Shipka??


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