Bro of the Year: Leonardo DiCaprio

Congratulations Leo, you’ve just won Bro of the 2013, your finest accomplishment yet (aside from being Broast of the Week obvs). Seeing as you scored two major roles this year, one of which involved Scorsese, it’s no surprise you won by a landslide and we at Betches Love This are pretty happy about it (with the exception of one of us who wanted Macklemore to win).

We're pretty much convinced that no matter who his competitors are Leo would win this contest every year. He's literally been my obsession since I was young and losery enough to have one of those posters that come folded into a magazine that I put on my wall using throwback blue thumb tack. I don't NOT still have the poster. Whatevs, he doesn't NOT still have his looks and talent. 

I mean, it's not your average bro named Leonardo who ends up dating the entire roster of Victoria's Secret models, still parties in NYC harder than most people we know, and has legitimate acting talent (obviously the least important on the list). But most of all, he cares about the #47 environment because he knows there needs to be a planet if his amazing genes are to live on. 

So here's to Leo, yet again. Ever since you were just a poor bro taking his spring break on the Titanic, you've been incepted into our dreams witihin dreams etc. Like at least five dream levels. It's not so shadily my New Years resolution to get drunk with you in meatpacking. 


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