Bro Breakdown: The Sensitive Bro

Bros come in all types, and one of the best types of guys is the sensitive bro. Not to be confused with the Maybe Gay Bro, the sensitive bro is unquestionably straight but in a way that makes you always feel safe.

The sensitive bro is a delicate balance of cable knit sweaters and facial hair – he has mastered the art of balancing aggressive masculinity with kind approachability.  He’s a sweet angel with a silent strength. The reason this bro has so much appeal to us betches is that he never seems like he’s trying too hard. Any dude that goes out of his way to prove his high testosterone level is probably harboring a secret insecurity or a date rape pill, but with the sensitive bro, that’s something you don’t have to worry about.  His sensitivity highlights his true masculinity.

The sensitive bro is not ashamed of being sensitive and often is aware of the fact that he’s more emotionally attentive than the average bro.  That’s because this bro probably grew up with sisters or a single mom, so he’s especially in tune with a betch’s needs. He’s a great listener and will say things like, “I’m sorry I made you feel that way” and “I want to hold your little hand” in an assertive yet gentle way. This bro is often built rugged and probably grew up in or around a wooded area so outdoor strength is natural for him.  He was likely a boy scout at some point of his life, and his strong lumber-carrying arms can lift you off your feet and around the dancefloor in an effortless fashion.

Some examples of celebrities that are sensitive bros include Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum.  Both are loved by bros and betches, and they are fully comfortable expressing emotions. In fact, it makes them seem even stronger when they do. Perhaps it’s because seeing them control their feelings makes you realize this bro can take charge of a situation. However, there are some sure signs he’s still a bro. For example, he’s just as likely to cry over a scene in The Notebook as he would at a wrestling match. Don’t get too comfortable revealing all your secrets to him, the sensitive bro is still a bro.

A sensitive bro is respected by his dude friends because of his popularity with the ladies.  He often has close dude friends that turn to him as the confidante, and he’s great at giving advice. He was probably an athlete in school, and he gets along with his teammates because he’s always supporting them.

The sensitive bro is probably the type of guy with the least douche factor. If you date one, consider yourself lucky. But just like the manic pixie dream girl doesn’t exist, you may never meet a real non-creepy one in your life. Until then, there’s just google Ryan Gosling and use your imagination.



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