Britney Spears Looks Amazing On the Cover of Women’s Health But Is She Photoshopped?

Britney Spears is on the cover of Women's Health magazine this month, and she looks fucking incredible. At first everyone was like: holy shit, Britt looks hot as fuck. She's wearing a bikini with the classic arms over the head pose that makes you look skinnier. Still her body looks amazing, even though you can see her daddy issues tattoos on her hips. But then, people started looking at her face and realized it was too good to be true. Homegirl's nose looks like Michael Jackson circa 2002. Her forehead is completely disproportionate and her cheekbones just belong to somebody else. If this were 2013 everyone would have just assumed photoshop, but ever since the Kardashians popularized contouring, people think that the makeup artist might have just massively fucked up. Either way, it's the editors' fault and Brit is still pretty quiche.




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