Britney Spears And K-Fed Might Be Getting Back Together, Barf

Before 2004, life was perfect. The iPod was still a big deal, Lance Armstrong was a cancer surviving hero and not a lying douchebag who cheated his way to a cool title, and Britney Spears was the Princess of Pop that overshadowed Christina Aguilera in every way there was (mostly by being the only memorable one to make out with Madonna). Right after that though, the Original Queen B kind of lost her shit. She got married for a little over 2 days (beating Kim Kardashian’s record for quickest marriage by a landslide) to a childhood friend no one cares about, then she got married again to her backup dancer, Kevin Federline, and all of this began her shame spiral to the 2007 meltdown that ended with her shaving her head and a newfound place in rehab.

Fast forward to today, where Britney has found her way back to reality. She has a stint in Las Vegas, her boys are under her custody once again, and she’s had a slew of pretty decent-looking male counterparts. One would think she wouldn’t risk losing her place at the top but according to TMZ, Britney and K-Fed (barf) might be rekindling their better-left-in-the-past romance. The pair were spotted getting chummy at their sons’ soccer game for the first time since their divorce. Check out the totally undeniable proof:

Honestly, considering Kevin’s wife was also in attendance, I’m going to call complete bullshit on this rumor. But hey, if history really does repeat itself, the 10-year anniversary of the last time she was bald might be a great time to relive that awesome period of her life. To be totally truthfully, with the pretty ratchet weave she’s been sporting, maybe a shaved head might not be such a bad idea.


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