Bristol Palin’s Stalker Wants To Move In With Her

Bristol, Bristol, Bristol…Sarah Palin’s daughter, who is currently pregnant with her second child from a second baby daddy (and she’s still never been married), has a stalker. His name is Michael Cummings, and he sounds like a real charmer. He’s claiming to be the father of Bristol’s unborn child, and he seems serious about it. In the past, he’s sent her an engagement ring, shown up at her parties, and left a knife in her mailbox. Now it seems like Mr. Cummings is kicking things up a notch, and he’s started sending things to Sarah Palin’s house, including a Keurig.

Obviously this guy is deranged, but if anything is likely to make Bristol like him, it’s probably a free Keurig. In the meantime, Bristol has renewed her restraining order against him, but we have a feeling he doesn’t give a shit about restraining orders.


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