Kristin Cavallari and Bristol Palin Awkwardly Chose The Same Baby Name

Kristin Cavallari was the scum sucking road whore of the mid 2000s. It’s been ten years and I’m still Team LC, sorry about it. She and Jay Cutler (aka not Stephen) just had a baby girl and named her Saylor. Hold the applause please.

Well, Bristol Palin, the OG teen mom disaster, is naming her daughter Sailor, as in a person who sails. So basically, Kristin will forever be connected to the Palin family, which seems like the perfect karma for stealing Brody Jenner.

Bristol tweeted at Kristin “I do love her name…Still naming my baby girl Sailor!” She even Instagramed a photo of a monogrammed blanket to prove she wasn’t stealing Kristin’s name and it was just a coincidence.

MTV needs to do a reality show where they compare the lives of Saylor and Sailor. Kind of like Laguna Beach meets Denali National Park and My Super Sweet 16 meets 16 and Pregnant. I’d watch that shit.


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