Brilliant Company Made a Keurig For Jello-shots

Jevo, a company that makes bar equipment for restaurants and clubs, just invented a Keurig for jello-shots. All you do is buy their machine and pods, then basically do your Keurig routine with the pods instead of K-cups, and voila you have 20 jello-shots made. This is a gift from the alcohol gods. It even lets you choose with flavor of shots you want: Apple, Cherry, Pina Colada, Margarita, Banana (ew), Mixed Berry, and you can order custom pods too. Seriously, this is the best thing since…the Keurig.

Right now, Jevo is really only marketing towards bars, restaurants, and clubs who need to make jello-shots on a large scale (same though), but there's technically a bar in your apartment and sorority house right?


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