We Dare You To Read About Chocolate And Brie Baguettes And Not Eat One

Have you ever wanted a dessert so amazing, so French, so fast, and so ridiculously easy it would literally make your heart stop? Same.

After perusing a cookbook of French comfort food, also known as the most dangerous cookbook known to betchdom, we found our new most horrible yet most amazing dessert: literally, a baguette with chocolate. It’s so easy, a caveman—and you—can do it.

We know! It’s so basic. But the combo of bread and chocolate is our new fav. We improved it, though, by adding our fav French cheese—Brie—and a few berries to round that shit out and make you feel a false sense of being healthy.


  • 12 ¾ inch slices of baguette—do NOT buy pre-sliced; get yourself a LEGIT good baguette from a REAL bakery and slice it yourself (on an angle for more surface area)
  • Butter—NOT margarine and NOTHING low fat. Go big or go home, as the French like to say.
  • 1.25 oz. dark chocolate—we used Lindt 90% Cocoa Excellence
  • 3 oz. soft brie
  • ¼ cup ripe blackberries and raspberries

Butter both sides of each baguette slice and toast in a toaster oven or press in a panini press (or, like, weighted down with pots and pans in a nonstick pan if you’re super ratchet) until golden. Remove slices to a plate.

Divide your chocolate evenly onto half of the toasts; the brie on the other half. Combine both halves and stick back in the toaster oven OR in the panini press until the cheese and chocolate start to melt.

While that shit melts, mash the berries in a bowl. When the paninis/toasts are ready, dollop a bit of that berry goodness on top. BON APPETIT, BETCH.


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