Breaking News: Chris Brown Is Still A Dick

Chris Brown is criticizing his baby mama because she let their child Royalty go to dance class in a tutu……ooooooookay. Nia Guzman, Royalty’s mom, instagrammed this picture of Royalty:

Chris Brown then publicly called Guzman out, saying Royalty looked like a 16-year-old and he “ain’t cool wit it.”


Oops #Royalty’s mom clapped back at #ChrisBrown

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

I think Chris is forgetting that 16-year-old raver bitches stole the tutu look from toddlers, not the other way around. Like, maybe the pose isn’t the most appropriate for a little kid, but she’s going to dance class, Chris. You should be happy she’s trying to follow in your footsteps. We mean dancing. Not being a generally garbage person (we hope).

And does this really need to be a public issue, Chris? I’m annoyed even writing about it, like, just text your baby mama to take the picture down if you have such an issue with it. This is so dumb. I’ve been done with Chris Brown ever since he touched Riri, so I could care less what this schmuck is doing with his life. 


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