Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Because He’s Only 5’8? Dear Betch…

Dear Betches,

I've been dating my boyfriend for awhile now and we have recently been talking about a more serious future together. He's hilarious, mature, sometimes overly confident, and doing EXTREMELY well for himself…a true definition of a pro. Except for one thing. He is 5'8″. I know how un-betchy it is to date, let alone marry, anyone under 6'0″. My question is: can his height be overlooked considering all his other pro-like qualities?


Four inches shy of betchiness

Dear Girl Who Has Too Much Time on Her Hands,

Apparently I missed the memo that it's “Fake Problems” week here at Dear Betch. I applaud you that your life is going so well that your boyfriend's height is such a big concern that you're writing to a random internet stranger for approval. Do you by any chance want to pay my bills?

I can confidently say that nobody gives one singular fuck that your bf is literally an inch and a half below the national average (yeah, I looked it up), and neither should you. Hotness and height are not mutually exclusive—just ask Usher (who is also 5'8″). I guess I missed the # on the betch list that says Your pro must be this tall to ride or else you're not a betch” since you seem really convinced this is a thing. Are you actually that shallow that you'd strike a future with your guy just because he's under 6'0? And how tall are you that you're acting like someone who's 5'8″ is practically a midget?

Grow up and get over it (pun very much intended),

The Betches

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