We Just Found Your Dream House

So Bran Castle is in Transylvania, Romania—you probs didn’t do a weekend trip there during your semester abroad—and it’s for sale. In case you didn’t read Dracula in sophomore year lit, Bran Castle is the vampire Count Dracula’s bachelor pad.

The castle was built in the 12th Century on a hill, so gorgeous architecture but also creepy af. It was home to Prince Vlad Dracul, who inspired Dracula and whose nickname was The Impaler, which sounds like a (slightly horrifying) Tinder bio. His favorite hobby was, naturally, impaling people he didn’t like, aka he had a weird combination of daddy issues, a masculinity complex, and like, a penchant for stabbing. What a winning combo. 

The Romanian Royal Family owns the castle and currently use it as a tourist trap, because it’s like a much better version of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion. No word on if it really is haunted (probably), but it does have a real dungeon—talk about a selling point. The royal family is selling the castle because they don’t really want to deal with it anymore, which is the same reason Ron and Sammie broke up on Jersey Shore.

Apparently nobody wants this castle, so it was original priced at $66 million but now it’s down to $13 million—Madison from Million Dollar Listing would be losing his shit. Somehow I’m not that surprised that nobody wants to buy a multi-million dollar, old as shit, haunted castle in the middle of fucking nowhere. 


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