Dear Betch, Why Doesn’t My BF Want To Celebrate Our Anniversary?

What’s going on fellow betches,

So I was single for a whileee before I started dating a friend of mine. We were just talking for a while until at some point we just melted into exclusivity SO WE DON’T HAVE AN ANNIVERSARY. Like how? Where in the Betchy bible is it written that there doesn’t have to be a designated day to claim me and acknowledge that you’ve somehow accomplished what so many couldn’t, BE WITH ME?! I brought it up once but it was kind of awkward (like when you’re really cool with someone but somehow never got their name and now its too late to ask because it’s rude?) and he didn’t really give me a straight answer.  I don’t what to do, is this one way he could be shying away from commitment? Help me out here!

Betchy G

DEAR CAPS LOCK ABUSER (see how annoying that is?),

At first I was just going to say to just pick a date that has some meaning to your relationship (like your first date or something) and just tell your guy “let’s make this day our anniversary and celebrate accordingly” and just go with it. It’s not that weird since guys are not exactly known for prioritizing/even remembering anniversaries—especially if that relationship started nontraditionally. But then I read the “melted into exclusivity” comment and coupled with your concern about him “shying away from commitment,” I have to ask: do both of you know you’re in a relationship? Serious question. Because you can be exclusive with someone without necessarily being in a “bf/gf let’s celebrate our anniversary” committed relationship. Does he call you his girlfriend, for instance, or is he weird about that, too? Figure that shit out; if you both aren’t on the same page it’s high time you DTR. But if you’ve already done that and he’s just being a typical dude and not caring about anniversaries, then go with the first thing I said.

Once yearly kisses,

The Betches


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