Dear Betch: The Guy I’m Dating Has a Man Bun

Dear Betch,

I have a serious problem that I think only you guys will know the solution to. For the past couple of months I’ve been dating this guy and it’s been going great so far – he treats me very well, we have a lot of fun together and have a lot in common, he’s hot, the sex is great, etc. However there is one issue – he’s growing a man bun. I have never been a fan of the mun and have found the look to be atrocious from the very beginning. I also fear what other people will think, especially my ultra conservative family. We are not yet official and he has not met my parents yet but we are definitely heading in that direction. I’ve been extremely vocal about my distaste for this hideous trend and have even threatened ending our “relationship” if he follows through with it, but I think he thinks I’m joking. His hair is getting longer everyday and I fear the mun will be making its debut very soon. What do I do? HELP!!!

Thank you,

Je detest le mun

Dear French amateur,

If you think this is a serious problem, I think you should check out this guy we have running for President; his name’s Donald Trump.

Look, I get it. I’m a fellow man bun-hater. They just don’t do it for me. Seeing a hot dude, and realizing he has a man bun, actually makes me roll my eyes a little bit. That being said, you’re being pretty fucking ridiculous. This is not some hipster douche who’s trying to hit on you at the bar; this is a guy you’re emotionally invested in. Are you really going to throw away a relationship that is by all other accounts great, simply because you don’t like his hair? If so, God help you. An ultimatum is not the move, btw. You have every right to not like his hair, sure, but it’s his body and he has every right to not give a fuck what you think about it. For probably my first time ever, my advice is: don’t dump this bro. Somebody alert the press!

Sorry I don’t have any advice on your ultra conservative family, maybe try telling them that it’s 2015 and all the cool guys have long hair now, not just the hoodlums and drug addicts? Seriously, things could be a lot worse.

Stop trying to make “mun” happen,

The Betches

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