Betch of the Week: Big Ang

In case any of you had missed it, last weekend we tweeted a picture of Big Ang donning the most exclusive of sunglasses, our own. This is because we were invited to interview her during her big event in Atlantic City. En route on our jet we were discussing what are we going to ask her. What could Ang possibly have in common with betches? And most of all, should we be scared?

Still not knowing what we were going to expect since all we were told was that this is a social event for little dogs (I meannnn, how cute) we get to the Showboat Hotel & Casino, roll past the line of older women who were baby-talking their poms while their daughters stood behind them looking bored out of their minds, and strolled right in. Our first thought was 'Giggy would have a field day here' and the second obviously being 'where's the effing bar?'. Big Ang must have a betch-dar because immediately someone offered us a Drunken Doggie, a refreshingly clever name for a refreshingly strong cocktail.

Then Ang walked in the door, boobs first, lips second, hair third, Lil Louie last. Honestly we're not ashamed to admit this but Angela Raiola, you are one skinny/big betch. Sure she's like extremely large in stature but she's like sooooo adorable.

So Big Ang is betch of the week simply because she's so funny, loves men and little dogs, and makes a living off being on TV and getting the people of Staten Island drunk.

We would have posted the video of our interview, but you can't hear a thing she says because she sounds like she has permanent strep.

Betches: What advice would you give young females our age in terms of dating?
Big Ang: Find a guy that neva went to jail. You want someone with a job, and a good head on his shouldas. Yeah, definitely no jail. You don't wanna be raising yaw kids alone.

Betches: So, you won't introduce us to any wise guys?
Big Ang: God no, they're no good fah'you. What did I just say, NO JAIL!

Betches:  Can you please tell us your secret on how you stay so young and hot?
Big Ang:  Lots of sex.

Betches: Do you have any advice to our readers on how to be independent women like you?
Big Ang: Be yah'self. Whoever that is, even if you're totally weird, just be yourself and if anyone gets in their way just tell them to ya know, go whateva themselves.

Betches: Yeah totally. Have you ever heard of our website?
Big Ang: Nah.

Betches: Well, we watch you on mob wives and now on your new show, you're actually soooo hysterical.
Big Ang: Well thank you. But enough about me, isn't Lil Louie just the cutest?

Betches: Yeah he really is so cute. So is he going out later with you?
Big Ang: Hell no, I'm going out drinkin lata… Louies gonna stay home watch movies. Are ya coming out with me lata?

Betches: Definitely. See you later Ang! Thanks so much
Big Ang: Love ya girls, I mean… betches!




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